Why Choose Red Barn Partners for Your Adaptive Insights Implementation?

  1. Business expertise, not textbook learning: We’re more than good techies. We have the business, product and technical skills to make your Adaptive Insights solution an integral part of your business.
  2. Varied industry experience: We have implemented Adaptive Insights/CPM systems for customers of all sizes across industries such as high tech, software, healthcare, manufacturing and consumer goods. We have seen a lot and know what it takes to help you succeed.
  3. Project management know-how: We have driven this path multiple times and know how to mitigate risks and challenges that may arise in any project.
  4. Systems designed the way that works for you: We believe that systems design should be based on how it will be used, not just on how many technical bells and whistles could be included.
  5. Straight talk, not lip service: Customers work with Red Barn Partners because they like our straight talk approach to business. We’ll tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.
  6. Customer-first approach: It’s about you, not about us. We are 100 percent committed to your success, even after implementation is complete.



Red Barn Partners offers multiple options for implementing or updating your Adaptive Insights software tools, so we will find the one that is right for you.  All services can be delivered virtually or onsite at your location.

Fixed Deliverable/Fixed Fee

We discuss and determine what you are looking for, agree on a price and timeframe, and then Red Barn Partners will make it happen.  We will handle the project management, solution design based on your requirements, model building, reporting, system admin training, and system turnover to your team.  You are with us every step of the way through functional workshops so you fully understand how it all works and how to get the most out of your tools once implemented.

This agreement is best for clients who are new to Adaptive and want to implement quickly, or for existing clients who are looking to add new functionality to their current Adaptive model.  You know what you are buying, and exactly how much it will cost.


Guided Implementation

For clients who wish to be more hands-on themselves, we can coach you based on our own implementation experience and best practices.  We will advise and guide you through solution design, model build, report creation, and system admin functions.  And if you encounter something more difficult, we will be ready to roll up our own sleeves and jump in as needed.  Guided implementations are billed on an hourly basis.



Adaptive Insights expertise available on an hourly basis for whatever work you need.  Available in pre-paid blocks of hours or as-needed.